ScoreTracks is a podcast that discusses upcoming film scores as well as some classics.  Listen in to the show for everything film scores, such as reviews, interviews, news, and anything else relating to movie soundtracks!


Tim  –

A major film score enthusiast, he spends time listening to soundtracks for entertainment.  He’s also a big NFL fan, Star Wars fan, and hosts the podcast Kessel Run Radio.  You can also find him as a contributor to makingstarwars.net.  In addition to producing this show,  he is the administrator for this website.  You can find him on Twitter @Trooper_5.

Mark  –

Another major film score enthusiast, Mark loves some good soundtracks.  Some of his favorite film franchises are Star Wars and Godzilla, and you can also catch him as a host of Kessel Run Radio.  He writes for makingstarwars.net on occasion and he is on Twitter @Griddlemarks.

Elaine  –

Star Wars fangirl, LOTR enthusiast, co-editor of dorksideoftheforce.com, and contributor to makingstarwars.net (busy!).  Catch her on basically any awesome podcast.  Find her on Twitter @Tveitlight25.



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